Express Wedding in Midtown Manhattan

  • $ 200.00

If you don’t want to have an actual ceremony, and you are considering going to City Hall to tie the knot, I offer a ONE-MINUTE WEDDING for ONLY $200.

This way, you can be legally married without all the fuzz.

Please watch the video above to understand exactly what this option entails.

This service does not include the exchange of wedding vows or rings. This is a simple signing of the license, with the purpose of making your union legal and official.

We will process your license after the wedding, and we will file it with the authorities. You will receive your Certificate of marriage in the mail within a couple of weeks.

Scheduling an appointment with the City Clerk can be stressful. If you would like me to book an appointment for you within the next 2 weeks, you can buy this service, by clicking: HERE
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What’s included:

  • Licensed Wedding Officiant
  • Signing & filling of the marriage License
  • We can provide a witness, if you need one ($100 fee).

  • We process & mail your license.

  • You will receive your Wedding Certificate in the mail.

If you have any questions please send me an email to: or TEXT.

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Click in the videos below to see same samples of our Express-One-Minute Weddings: