Get married online!

Get married online for only $299. Please watch THIS video. We will walk you through the process of obtaining your marriage license (which is super easy, by the way). You will be given you license via email. You will have a ceremony online with a government appointed officiant. You will receive your Certificate of Marriage in the mail right away.

The Process:

  1. Book your virtual wedding ceremony HERE.
  2. Follow THIS instructions to obtain your marriage license.
  3. Fill out your application for the marriage license.
  4. Pay the fee for the marriage license ($70).
  5. Receive your marriage license via email.
  6. Show up for your Zoom meeting with our wedding officiant.
  7. During the ceremony you can recite your own vows.
  8. We will submit your marriage license to the Government.
  9. You will obtain your Certificate of marriage the same day.
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Perks of the Online Wedding:

  1. You & your spouse can be in different cities.
  2. Your spouse can be in a different country during the ceremony
  3. You can get your marriage license in a day
  4. You will receive your Certificate of Marriage within a week.
  5. Your marriage is legal and recognized world wide


  1. One photo of your ID. You need to scan or take photo of your Id or passport.
  2. A photo of you (selfie), and a photo of your spouse. Headshots taken by you.
  3. Must present a copy of your divorce papers, if you were married before.
  4. Follow the instruction on the government page.
  5. Pay their fee of $70 via credit or debit card.
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