Bargain Ceremony

  • $ 350.00

Our most popular option! This option gives you all you need to be legally married in New York City. We provide a standard, not-customized ceremony at an unbeatable price!  You can choose the language of your ceremony, and you can certainly write your own vows.

We don’t provide the wedding venue. You must make arrangements for your chosen location, and let us know where to go.

You can get married in your home, the park, a restaurant… Pretty much anywhere you want in Manhattan. This price applies to weddings located between 120th St. & Battery Park. If your location is above 120th St. there is a surcharge of $100.

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Importnat to know:

  • We’ll provide a licensed wedding officiant to pronounce you legally married.

  • We will file your marriage license, and send it to the City Clerk’s office.

  • You can recite your own vows.

  • You let us know the location & the time, We’ll meet you there. We do NOT provide a venue.

  • You must have a marriage license from any Clerk’s Office. See HERE.

  • You need at least one extra person with you. Your witness can be of any age, and they can also be a relative. They must have a government issued ID.


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This is an example of my non-customized “Standard Secular Ceremony”

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