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Samples of the Wedding Ceremonies2021-08-02T16:36:55-04:00

Samples of Wedding Ceremonies

Below you will find a collection of wedding ceremony samples, which will help you get an idea of how your ceremony could go.

I usually break down the ceremony in sections to make it easier to understand.

Most Ceremonies, whether Standard or Customized, will consist of:

  • Introduction: The Opening Words & Introduction of a Wedding Ceremony sets the tone for the wedding. It’s a statement about the occasion, its importance, the significance to the world as well as the couple getting married.
  • Silent Blessing: allows a moment to remember those who have passed away. (optional)
  • Body of the Ceremony: This is the perfect place to talk about the couple, share anecdotes, remember how they met, and basically talk about their love story and what made them want to be married.
  • Prayers, Readings or Hand blessing Ceremony: This section is optional and it can be religious or non-religious. Some couples invite a family member or friend to say a prayer or blessing.
  • Vows: also known as the “I Do’s” is when the bride and groom legally agree to be married. They can either recite their own vows or I can “Ask The Question”.
  • Exchange of Rings: The Exchange of Wedding Rings represent the vows and promises the bride and groom have exchanged.
  • Pronouncement: The pronouncement of marriage officially pronounces the couple as husband and wife, or legally married. Afterwards the couple kisses!

8 Types of Ceremonies

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