Baby Naming & Baby Blessing Ceremony:

Here is a breakdown of what I would usually do during a baby naming ceremony:

  • Introductions and welcomes
  • Storytelling about the child, such as their arrival into the world, their personality and any quirks or interests
  • A message about the role and responsibilities of parenting
  • The parent’s promises to the child
  • A reading or poem (by a family member)
  • Importance of wider family and any specific people in attendance
  • Appointment of guide-parents (or Godparents)
  • Guide-parents’ promises
  • The significance and meaning behind the child’s name
  • The naming itself
  • Concluding words

Every baby naming (baby blessing) ceremony that I conduct is entirely customized for the couple and the child. I will respect your believes and we will design a ceremony that is true to YOU.

Some parents choose to add symbolic elements (such as tree planting, a Sand Ceremony or lighting candles) or having members of the congregation reading parts of the service or reciting poems.


Sample Ceremonies:

Baby Blessing (short & sweet):

We gather today to bless this child, A new life that has been created by the universe and become part of our world.

We gather today to name this child. To call a thing by name is to give it power, and so today we shall give this child a gift. We will welcome her into our hearts and lives, and bless her with a name of her own.

Parents turn to the guests, and say:

To be a parent is to love and nurture, to guide and teach them and to learn from them. It is to walk beside them, support them and then one day allow them to walk alone. To be a parent is a wonderful gift & blessing we have ever had. We feel honored to be the parents of this unique soul.

GodParents, You stand beside us, for the love of this child and you have been chosen to be the godparents for this child. Do you agree to become the godparents?

Godparents:  Yes, We do.

Parents say to Luna:

May the Universe keep you pure and perfect, and let anything that is negative stay far beyond you. May you always have good fortune, good health, be joyful, and may you always have love in your heart.

Luna, this is your name, and it is powerful. Carry your name with pride and may you be blessed on this and every day that you spend on this Earth with mommy & daddy. Cheers to Luna

Baby Naming Ceremony (Secular):

Good morning/afternoon everyone. On behalf of __(parent/s)__ I would like to welcome you all to Wandsworth Town Hall.  We are all here today to celebrate the naming of _(Child’s name)__, affectionately know as __(nick name)__.

My name is Veronica, and I have the pleasure of conducting this ceremony, which will have special significance for you all.  In particular for __(Child’s name)__ parent/s and supporting adults/grandparents, as they make their promises to care for __(Child’s name)__ throughout the rest of their lives.

The ceremonial naming of a child has a long tradition, it establishes his or her identity, and is celebrated in different cultures and religions throughout the world.

For you all as members and friends of this family, this ceremony is an opportunity to think about this child’s future and to consider ways in which your relationship with him/her can provide the love and respect that will strengthen his/her character.

Each child has a need to be part of a group of loving and supportive people to nurture their growth and development.  This provides them with emotional and practical guidance bound together with love, friendship and respect.

And each of you here today make up part of that special group with whom __(Child and Parent/s names)__ will celebrate life’s special moments, and also to whom they turn in times of need.

__(Parent/s names)__ I am not only asking you to welcome __(Child’s name)___ by name into your family today but also to pledge your commitment to him/her in order that he/she will have a rich and full life as he/she grows towards adulthood.


To the Parents:

  • Do you promise__(Child’s name)__ a childhood of love, happiness, patience and understanding; sheltering him/her, and protecting him/her from harm for as long as he/she needs you?
  • Do you promise to love __(Child’s names)__without condition, to support him/her without judgement, respecting him/her as an individual,  so that he/she may grow into an honest, responsible, caring and confident adult?
  • Do you promise to guide and stimulate his/her learning and development, and to give support and encouragement so that __(Child’s name)__  may fulfil his/her potential in life?

In our complex world, even the most loving and capable parents benefit from help in raising their children. It is therefore very reassuring to know that family and friends will also be around to offer their assistance.

__(Parent/s names)__ have chosen __(Supporting adult/s name/s)__ to play a special role in the life of their child.

To the Godparents:

  • Do you promise to be there for __(Parent/s names)__ so that they can turn to you for reassurance, help and support?
  • Do you promise to offer__(Child’s name)__  your friendship, to encourage his/her endeavors and celebrate his/her progress and achievements?
  • Do you promise to carefully watch over__(Child’s name)__ , and to be always ready to give comfort and guidance whatever life may bring?

Ladies and Gentlemen, a round of applause for __(Child’s name)__(Parent/s names)__ and __(Supporting adult/s name/s).

I would now like to invite parents and supporting adults to sign the commemorative certificate.


Those of you here today are all especially important to __(Child’s name)__, you will be part of his/her world, and he/she will look amongst you for leadership and companionship, for support and to be cherished. By watching you he/she will learn how life works.

I am sure that the welcome and support that you have pledged will be lasting and that you will love and care for __(Child’s name)__ throughout his/her life; and that he/she in turn will bring ever-increasing joy and gladness to your lives.

I believe that it has meant a great deal to __(Parent/s names)__ that you have all been here to share this happy occasion.  Thank you all for coming and have a wonderful celebration.